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Plan a Prayer Rally

Work to Open Churches in Your Diocese

Are you wishing you could make your voice heard and move toward restoring the Mass?  You may wish to establish a Prayer Rally in your Diocese.  Here are steps you can take and things that you should give some thought to.  A Prayer Rally is not a protest, but an opportunity to work toward changing public opinion in a prayerful way.  It is extremely important that all activities are respectful of the laws in your area.  Patience and forbearance will best serve our cause.  Please read the list below to start establishing a Prayer Rally.

Plan a Prayer Rally: About Us

What you should consider

The number one barrier to the opening of our churches and the restoration of the Sacraments is public opinion.

Our message has three parts:

1. Our Churches are as safe as any Supermarket.

2. Our need for spiritual food is as important as our need for physical food.

3. We are reasonable and respectful and deserve to be heard.

Plan a Prayer Rally: Projects

Educate yourself

Check our database or visit your diocesan website (links here) to find out what the latest guidelines are in your area for Masses and other Sacraments.


Before planning a rally, we strongly urge you to contact your local diocese to ask if they have a plan in place to restore the Mass and the Sacraments.

Also make sure you know the latest regulations issued by your local civic authorities, such as those regarding wearing of masks in public.

Young Woman with Mask

Know your Rights

We have consulted with the Thomas More Society and, while it is their opinion that peaceful Prayer Rallies are acceptable exercises of our Civil Rights, at the same time, there are many obstacles to pursuing any case in court, especially if you are arrested for violating local ordinances.  Don't make yourself a defendant.  Respect your local authorities.

Set a Virtuous Example

A Prayer Rally should be an opportunity to show people that our Churches are both safe and important.  We won't achieve that if we are not respectful of social distancing guidelines.  This is also a great chance to demonstrate a way of holding outdoor Masses.  We recommend setting up in the space available in a neat matrix of people standing 6 feet apart like this.

Church Pew

Connect with others

We have created a forum here on our website to make it easier for you to get in touch with others in your area who may be interested in joining a Prayer Rally.  Check our forum (you may need to create an account first) for details.  There may already be an event in your area; if not, you can work to create one!

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