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Join our National Day of Prayer

Join fellow Catholics around the Nation on the Vigil of Pentecost to pray especially for a renewal in our Church of the Seven Gifts of the Holy Spirit:
Wisdom, Understanding, Counsel, Fortitude, Knowledge, Piety, and Fear of the Lord.


Let us unite in prayer around the US to pray 15 decades of the Rosary.


Gather in front of your local Cathedral if you can.  If that is too far, use our forum to plan gatherings at other churches.


Saturday, May 30

8PM Eastern

7PM Central

6PM Mountain

5PM Pacific


Let us pray for our Church, but especially for our Priests and Bishops during this trying time.

The feast of Pentecost is such an important feast: it is the birthday of the Church and the culmination of the Easter Season.  And yet people around the world are still waiting for church doors to open and public Masses to resume.

We see shopping malls, beaches, gyms and restaurants beginning to open around us, and yet the inexplicable perception that churches are dangerous continues to place barriers between the faithful and the Sacraments.

Therefore on the eve of this Blessed Feast we call on Catholics around the country to enact a different sort of petition…with our feet.  We call all to a National Day of Prayer.  Electronic signatures on a petition are easy to ignore.  Hundreds of people surrounding their local Cathedral is not.

Show your solidarity with those who are still suffering the deprivation of the Sacraments.  Let’s surround our Cathedrals and other major churches with a wall of prayer.

At 8PM Eastern time (7PM CDT/6PM MDT/5PM PDT) let us come together as one—in person—around our Cathedrals to pray the 15 decades of the Rosary for a renewal of our Church, and especially for our priests and bishops, that they may experience anew the power of the seven gifts of the Holy Spirit.

Please join us in prayer in this hour of need!





Why Cathedrals?  Can we pray somewhere else?


Numbers matter if we are to show the world how important this is to us.  This is like signing a petition with your feet.  As our Cathedrals are the seat of each Bishop, we especially want to send this message to them.


However, we certainly understand that many of you are not within reasonable traveling distance of your diocese’s Cathedral.  In this case, we recommend using our Forum, where you can easily post proposed alternate locations for other Catholics in your area to meet up with you.



Is this a protest?

To protest something has a negative connotation.  While we certainly disapprove of the fact that the faithful continue to be deprived of the Sacramental Life of the Church, our focus is on coming out of that darkness and into the light.  So when we come together to pray in this way, we prefer to call it a Prayer Rally, since this places the focus correctly on the most crucial aspect of what we are doing.


Should we bring signs or banners?

Since this is not meant to be a protest, we do not recommend this.  If you want to send a message as to why you are standing around your cathedrals, you might simply carry a sign with the name of the St. Charles Borromeo Society, or our website,  In this way, people will be able to understand the full argument for what you are doing and why, by visiting the pages of our website.

I support what you are doing, but I cannot be present in person.  Is there another way I can join in?

Again, numbers matter in sending this message, so we really do urge you to be physically present outside your churches if this is at all possible. 


However, we certainly recognize that this is not possible for all, and your prayers are just as important to this petition.  If you cannot be present, please pray along with us from home or wherever you may be at that time, and post a message of support in our Forum to let us know you are united with us in prayer!

Make your voice heard!

Post photos of your local gathering in our Forum for all to see!

Let us show the world that we are not alone in calling for an end to the obstructions placed between the Faithful and the Sacraments!

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