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What You Can Do

Educate Yourself

Become informed about the role of the laity in this process, as well as the reopening guidelines published by the USCCB.


Visit the Diocese Information page or your Diocese's website to find out what the most current policies are in your Diocese. 

Write to your Bishop

Write a respectful letter to your Bishop.  He carries a great weight on his shoulders, so thank him for the good things he has done during this trying time.  Tell him how much you are longing for the restoration of the Mass and the Sacraments, and ask him to please restore them ASAP.

Join (or Plan) a Prayer Rally in your Diocese

A Prayer Rally is not a protest.  It is a way of publicly praying for the opening of our churches and the restoration of the Sacraments.  We hope to put a human face to our request and shine a light on the urgency of our need for the free practice of our Faith.

Pray and Fast for a Restoration of Our Church

Throughout Scripture we find that the most powerful way of praying is to fast.  Consider adding a day of fasting to your prayers for our Church.

Consider making a Donation

The Thomas More Society is leading the fight in restoring our Religious Liberties.  They are the ones who have been winning important lawsuits to help overturn unjust restrictions on our right to free worship.  Their work is done pro bono, so if you appreciate what they are doing, please consider making a donation so that they can continue fighting for us in the courts!

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