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Restore the Mass Safely: What We Do

Ways to Restore the Mass and Sacraments

The dispensation of our Sunday obligation is wise for the foreseeable future, so that the ill and those at risk can feel comfortable remaining at home.  But for those who are healthy, we need to restore access to the Sacraments in a way that is just as safe as your local supermarket.  Here are some possible ways to do that.


Outdoor Masses with Social Distancing

Churches that have park land or safe paved areas without car traffic could try outdoor services with 6 foot spacing as seen in this photo.

Parking Lot Masses

I imagine it might feel odd to be sitting in your car during Mass.  I know I would have a hard time not being able to kneel.  But as long as we are healthy, we have a real need to be present for the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.  An outdoor Mass like the one pictured above would be better, but the Parking Lot Mass has proven to be a way of doing it if nothing else satisfies the health authorities.

Drive-in Mass, FSSP, Minneapolis.jpg
Church Windows

Properly Planned Indoor Masses

  • Alternate pews can be blocked and spacing marked just like you see in your supermarket. 

  • Occupancy can be determined based on a percentage of the usual seating capacity--again, just like occupancy is determined at your supermarket, based on size. 

  • Online signup forms can be used to rotate through the parish, and limits placed on how frequently parishioners can sign up, in order to give all a chance to attend. 

  • With Sunday obligations dispensed, those who are able should be urged to attend a weekday Mass in order to help ease the waiting period.

Restore the Mass Safely: News
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